Document your hard work and talent with a killer recording! I will help you turn your passion for singing into a tangible memory that you can share with your friends and family. You can use your voice any way you want to with a mobile studio.

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You make mouth noises into a microphone, I use technology and my ears to make it sound high quality, and we make a radio-ready recording of your group!

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Let me know what songs you love, and I'll make you a killer a cappella version of a song that's perfect for your set.

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Take a look at my a cappella looper creations, original music, recordings, and other musical shenanigans.


Nina Pelligra

My collegiate a cappella experience consisted of singing and arranging a lot of women's a cappella. I spent four years in the Syracuse University Mandarins and was Music Director if Cape Harmony for two years. Senior year of college, I started arranging for more instruments, put a band together, and discovered a passion for studio recording. I got to record with my friends in Syracuse’s beautiful studio.

After college, I had no fancy studio to use, no friends to play with me, and worst of all, no a cappella! So I spent most of my time applying for jobs, arranging an annoying amount of Sara Bareilles and Adele songs, and learning how to cook on YouTube. Eventually, I started recording and mixing my own a cappella tracks. I realized that I could be my own one-woman a cappella group, and thus also help groups of all sizes create radio-ready vocal recordings.

After a while, I realized how much I missed performing live, but I didn’t want to sing with karaoke tracks of my a cappella recordings. I found a loop pedal that was on sale and went to work.

Click through my work to see how I can help your group (or just you!) achieve your goals, and check out my blog to follow my journey as a solo a cappella artist. Thanks for visiting, and welcome to Ninarrangements!