Happy Valentine's Day!

There seems to be a lot of cynicism surrounding Valentine's Day, but I doubt that anyone really has NOBODY to celebrate with. When I was growing up my mom and dad would buy us a cake, and we would maybe see a movie together. Mom send me a care package full of chocolate and love this week!

I realize not every family did this, but I still find a way to just love Valentine's Day. I think about how grateful I am to have friends that I care about and coworkers that I respect. I think about how lucky I am that my family's still around to celebrate with.

Leading up to Valentine's Day, I worked on a song for the AcaLumni Project. It's a Carpenters song called "I Won't Last A Day Without You." I must've listened to it hundreds of times while I was working on it, so I have the lyrics memorized. I really like the lyric, "If all my friends have forgotten all their promises, they're not unkind, just hard to find." But the rest of the song seemed pretty stereotypically romantic to me. It's only until they released the final video of the song that the song really hit home:

They presented all these pictures of their friends and family, and I understood that it's actually pretty easy for most people to remember the people in their lives that have always supported them. I got all those lovely feelings of homesickness and nostalgia, but mostly overwhelming gratitude for the amazing people in my life, the support I've gotten through my struggle with starting a music career, dealing with anxiety, getting hit by a train, etc. Whatever Boston throws at me, I have wonderful communities that throw it right back at Boston.

I hope you all were able to give lots of hugs, chocolate (or beef jerky which apparently was a Valentine's Day trend this year), and thanks to the people you love.