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Sense of Self [New Original Looper Song]

Hi everyone, I'm back! I know you've been on pins and needles waiting for this original song that is going to blow your mind. So I finally made some time and energy to put my original song out there. I think a lot of you don't know the I write my own music, most because I rarely put it out there. I rarely show people, and I certainly don't put it on the internet.

So as a lot of you know, I've been struggling a little bit with some issues with anxiety and some other health stuff. One of the ways a lot of musicians work through these things is to write about it.

So this song is called Sense of Self, which will also be the title of my album that I'll eventually put out.

I've been trying to find

I've been hiding my sense of self, but

She can't ask for help

I hear a scream, I

think it might be she

I can hear her

Or is that just me


I've been healing wounds

I've been bleeding for years, I

plugged them up with paint and fear

I'm so damn tired of

Dragging bloody knuckles

Through their doors to shrinking rooms

She's bleeding

She's not breathing

She's not waking up

I can't see in the dark

There's pills and masks and spirits past

I close my eyes

Remember I'm alive

She's inside

Behind the walls

Beneath the floors

Just being my shoulder

I've been trying to find

I've been hiding my sense of self, but

She won't ask for help

I hear a scream, I

think that's only me

I can hear her

Time to set her free

From me

I've been trying to find

I've been hiding my sense of self so

Please don't ask me

Someone asked me, "At what point did you discover your sense of self?", and he said the answer might be, "I haven't." I told him as a matter of fact I wrote a song about it. I'm making an album about it. And the journey is a little more complicated. So I'm just going to read it because, of course, I wrote it in my nifty notebook.

Here's what I wrote:

"When we're born, we are exactly who we are, everything we can and will be. From that moment on, we unlearn who we are. There will (should) come a moment where we hit the bottom, a point where we'll never be less of ourselves. And then, we begin our journey to learn who are, everything we can and will be. This is called growing up."

I drew a little picture:

You unlearn, then you grow up.

And look! It says "Nina: TBD"


So I don't think it's quite as simple as a moment when you're like, "Oh! Ok, I got it." It's an ongoing process, and I'm really liking the process. It's fun to think about and write songs about and write pictures of babies about.